Mississauga, Ontario, May 29th, 2020 – TPV360, a division of the well-established Customer Experience Technology Company and Global Contact Center Operator, ContactPoint360, Inc., has reimagined the third-party verification process from the ground up. The next generation TPV360 Third-Party Verification platform includes a cloud-based portal with accompanying mobile applications for Android and iOS.

The new TPV360 platform, designed by customer experience and compliance experts after decades of serving highly regulated industries, is purpose-built to fill critical gaps within the TPV process and provide solutions based on input from TPV360 subject matter experts, the in-house software development team and scores of clients over the years. The system, loaded with intuitive features, is quickly adopted by clients, BPOs, and consumers across the entire transactional ecosystem. TPV360 has included multiple levels of automated security protocols for telesales, retail/kiosk sales, door to door sales via live agent or self-verification through SMS link or email.

Key Features: The best feature sets all under one roof.

Some key features include identity checks, multifactor authentication via phone, email and SMS, geo-tracking, credit evaluations, remote recording capability, fraud alerts for management, electronic contracts, and e-signatures with versions that facilitate all aspects of the verification process. Realtime dashboards keep clients, vendors, and agents up to speed with dynamic reporting via customizable permission-based access.

“We’ve been in the customer experience sector for well over a decade now. Over the last year, our TPV360 project team has interviewed key stakeholders, including clients, vendors, compliance authorities, and consumers, to make sure we thoughtfully considered and fine-tuned every touchpoint in the system during development”, said Asad Mirza, CEO, and Founder of TPV360 and its parent company, ContactPoint360. Inc.

The TPV360 approach takes into account all users that interact with the system and goes the extra mile to ensure that each interaction provides an efficient and user-friendly experience and most importantly, results.

Clients within highly regulated industries like energy, healthcare and finance need to drive revenue or finalize transactions in a compliant manner. They need to verify whom they are doing business with and if the consumer meets specific predetermined criteria. These clients must have measures in place to make sure internal or external salespeople are operating within company policies and governmental guidelines.” All data across multiple vendors is protected by state-of-the-art security measures and is easily accessible by approved client stakeholders in real time via dashboard reporting.

Sales Departments and Outside Vendors: This group must be empowered with tools that make the sales process as streamlined as possible. They need to see where they are against goals or sales quotas at any given time. Whether they are selling on the phone, at a retail location, or door to door, TPV360 provides agents, and sales managers need to know info via the web or mobile interfaces. Mangers responsible for monitoring performance get real time reporting via our online portal and supplied with red flag alerts to possible behavioral or compliance violations.

Consumers: The first impression of a new customer is extremely important. If identity checks out, the sale is compliant and closed, it must still be verified by an objective third party within highly regulated industries. This can be frustrating for consumers as they just went through an entire sale pitch and agreed to the offer. TPV360 makes this critical stage of the process easy by providing many options. Traditional voice verification, email, SMS are all available depending on local regulations.

“We are disrupting the space through a combination of efficient and agile software development, robust feature set offerings, competitive pricing and a problem-solving mindset “, said Mark Rodrigue, SVP Operations and Global Growth for TPV360 and ContactPoint360. Inc.

The mission of TPV360 is to offer a more holistic service so clients can get the best technology available all under one roof along with new proprietary solutions filling critical gaps that have existed in the marketplace for many years.

Third party verification is a must have for many industries. TP360 has developed a service that is designed to satisfy stakeholders across the board from Compliance, IT, Legal, and Operations. CFOs and accounting are delighted with our straightforward and competitive pricing model.

Seeing is believing. Contact us today for a live demo of the system. We would love the opportunity to show you how our world technology can drive revenue, increase efficiency and mitigate costs.

For sales information please contact Adrian Barry, Senior Sales Engineer by phone at 832-930-4343

Or email at adrian.barry@tpv360.com

About TPV360:
Founded in 2019, TPV360, a division ContactPoint360, Inc. is a Service as a Software (SaaS) provider offering end-to-end third-party verification solutions via a next generation cloud-based platform and mobile applications for Android and iOS. Our encrypted cloud-based platform and mobile application solutions, enable multiple types of third-party verification, including telesales, door-to-door, and kiosk/retail sales efforts. TPV360 provides multiple layers of fraud protection and compliance-related tools to mitigate risk. At the same time, our cloud-based system and mobile apps help drive sales through a clean and intuitive user interface that enables salespeople to enter data more efficiently and close more accounts. TPV solutions are designed for highly regulated industries such as energy suppliers, utilities, healthcare (payer and provider) and banking/finance.

About ContactPoint360:
Founded in 2007, ContactPoint360 (www.contactpoint360.com) is a Canadian global customer experience company with contact center locations across North America, South America and Asia. The company provides business process outsourcing (BPO), multichannel customer experience solutions including voice, email, chat and social media. ContactPoint360 services major international clients across a variety of business sectors including energy, finance, retail, telephony and healthcare.