This article was originally published on on April 24, 2020 – See the article here.

In the midst of the emergency caused by covid-19, ContactPoint360 has prioritized the safety of its workers in Colombia.

It is clear that the coronavirus emergency has put various industries and, above all, society to the test. Companies that have the necessary technological infrastructure have managed to adapt to the challenging situation that continues to work with mobility restrictions. Thus, for the Canadian multinational ContactPoint360, a contact center company that has been operating in Colombia for 3 years, their great concern has been to protect their collaborators by providing them with the appropriate conditions to carry out their tasks.

And it is that for Asad Mirza, CEO of ContactPoint360, human talent is the pillar of the organization. Therefore, the first measure they took was for all employees to operate from their homes. “We did not want our workers to take risks. For that we had to provide them with the necessary tools in their homes,” he says.

And that, according to what was expressed by the CEO of the company, would not have been possible without the good disposition of the different work teams of the organization in Colombia: “First of all I want to thank all my collaborators because they have continued working thanks to a quick adaptation of work from home. This was made possible by articulating the work of the technology team and the other employees. ”

“By uniting and showing more empathy during these tough times, we can overcome this,” says Asad Mirza, CEO of ContactPoint360.

Experience is the key

All of these strategies are articulated on one premise: human experience is the key. And that does not only apply to customer service by contact center operators, but, as explained by Mirza, it begins with their experience as collaborators of the organization. “That is why we have a process where recruiters look to see if the applicant’s culture aligns with what we are looking for, which goes beyond having talent, we are also looking for empathy and a big heart.”

This, in a sector that is one of the most important sources of employment for young people. “In fact, for many it is their first job and they will gain experience in customer service, skills that are highly desired by large companies around the world,” emphasizes the CEO.

But the vision of ContactPoint360 is not limited to the rapid adaptation to a new work model, the generation of employment or the leveraging of the service of other companies; also to the impact that may be generated in the community during this emergency. Therefore, according to what was expressed by the CEO of ContactPoint360, the organization is managing aid for the country. “We want to support people with the donation of nearly 5,000 face masks, in addition to 5000 food items to help Colombian families who will not be able to work during quarantine,” says Mirza.

And it is that for the head of this multinational, to face this crisis it will be necessary to show a lot of humanity. “If we come together and show more empathy during these tough times we can overcome this,” he concludes.