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Personalizing The Omnichannel Journey: Insights for Contact Center Operations

Across various industries, companies are shifting their approach to become more customer-centric, which leads to the reorganization of customer care strategies. Traditionally, cost was the primary consideration for customer care, resulting in a focus on efficiency. Today, however, executives realize the strong impression that customer experiences make.

Additionally, today’s customers have transitioned to become omnichannel and expect that their experience will be consistent and compatible across channels. They want to begin on one channel and continue on another. Customers also expect 24/7 access to customer support.

While technology exists to help with these shifting expectations, some companies struggle to adapt and incorporate it. Many companies are discovering that the key is semi-automated omnichannel journeys, including using chatbots with natural language processing, visual interactive voice response systems, and virtual agents.

With the changes facing customer care today, companies can differentiate themselves by focusing on sincerity, empathy, personalization, and quick responses.

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Contact centers that are equipped for the future will rely on computational linguistics, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing to improve interactions with customers. A strong omnichannel approach, allowing customers to communicate via live agents or digital service depending on their preferences and the situation will be key. An approach promoting meaningful interactions can result in both happier customers and happier agents.